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Here are a variety of resources to aid you in your search to buy or sell a home in Napa or Sonoma. Scroll down to view all the options, including resources for schools, churches, activities, permits and more for each of the wine country valleys. Or, for specific Napa or Sonoma information and resources, click on the main menu above and choose Napa or Sonoma from the drop down menu.

Home Appraisals

How home appraisals affect sales

Home Buying Offers

Home buyers cry: My offers keep getting beat out!

Home Buying or Selling Later in Life

Home buying and selling are different later in life

Home Buying Tips

13 tips for home buyers
Lessons on home buying from a puppy
Tips in Napa real estate for New Year’s
Tips on downsizing when buying or selling a home
What makes a successful home buyer in Napa or Sonoma

Home Downsizing

Tips on downsizing when buying or selling a home

Home Improvements

Home improvements that help sell your home

Home Selling Tips

7 Rules for Sellers
Curb appeal counts
Curb appeal starts with your online listing
Downsizing in Napa or Sonoma
Final tips to prep your home for sale
Getting your home ready to put on the market
How home appraisal affects sales
How home smells affects sales
Home staging works
Improvements that pay when you sell your home
Selling your home in the winter
Spring cleaning to sell your home
The Short Sale
Your home is now a product for sale

Home Staging

About home staging
Curb appeal includes home staging
How to live in your perfectly staged home

Napa Valley

10 Things I love about Napa
Napa Eateries – Part 1
Napa Eateries – Part 2
Napa Eateries – Part 3
Napa Valley Resources


About short sales
Real estate terminology


Relocating to Napa or Sonoma

Sonoma Valley

About the towns of Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Resources

Tax Tips

6 Home deduction traps to avoid
9 Easy mistakes homeowners make on their taxes
Don’t forget these home deduction tax breaks

Napa Valley Resources

Sonoma Valley Resources